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Virtual Reality VR 3D Glass VR Box V 2.0

Virtual Reality VR 3D Glass VR Box V 2.0
Brand: China
Product Code: Virtual Reality VR 3D Glass VR Box V 2.0
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VR Box V2.0 Virtual Reality 3D Glass

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VR stands for Virtual Reality. In virtual reality, the virtual objects appears like real because of the 3D effect.

VR Box brings you a wonderful experience in watching movies, playing games and many more.

VR Glasses give the best 3D effect & makes you feel like, you are watching in a 1000 Inch screen.

VR Glass allows you to watch (HSBS/SBS) 3D movies by using your mobile. Even if your video is not in 3D format,

then also you can watch your videos in 3D, because there are many VR Apps for mobiles that can instantly

play 2D videos in 3D format. You can also download VR Mobile Games ,VR Camera Apps, VR Virtual Tours and

many more for the VR Box.


Designed for comfort

The VR Box is perfectly designed for users to get the most comfortable viewing experiance.

The lens can be moved front and back, which allows you to adjust the (focal length/eyesight distance) & makes it comfortable for people of all kinds of eyesight. The lens can also be moved left and right to adjust the pupil distance and center with your eyes.

Also the cushion makes it comfortable and the flexible headbelt makes it suitable for everyone.


High quality

Because of the High Quality Resin Lens,  you will not feel visual fatigue or dizzy even if you use it for long time.


Easy to use

The VR Box is very easy to use. Just pull out the mobile holder from the VR Box and place your mobile on the mobile holder.

Then you just slide the mobile holder along with the mobile into the VR Box and the VR box is ready to use. The VR Box has holes on both sides for connecting headphone and power/data cables, so you can even charge your phone while enjoying the VR Box.

It can be used anywhere, whether you are sleeping or sitting you can still enjoy the VR Box. It can be very entertaining while you are on a journey, you can sit and enjoy the VR box and you will not feel the journey boring.



• Brand : VR Box

• Model : V2.0

• Material : High Quality ABS

• Glass Type : 3D VR Glass

• Screen Size : 1000 Inches ( Virtually)

• Lens Size : 42mm

• Lens Type : Multicoated Aspherical Resin lens

• Visual Angle : 100%

• Compatible With : All Smartphones

• Smartphone Compatibility : All cellphone with 3.5 to 6 Inch

• Pupil Distance (PD) Adjustment : Supported

• Focal Distance (FD) Adjustment : Supported

• Product Dimensions : 170*120*105mm


Package Includes:

i) VR Box V2.0

ii) User Guide

iii) Cleaning Cloth

iv) Rubber pads

v) Head belt

vi) Box



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